Yoga for Every Body CLASSES


Following breath during a flowing yoga practice, the source of life and vitality, bolsters our days, builds resilience we can take with us, for work, loving, and life. Conscious breathing, pranayama, invites calm and balance, returns us to our unique, special selves.

Going Inside

Yoga, a meditation in motion, leads us inside with the breath, to the precious space behind the heart, to stiff places we can free up. Conscious breath and movement help us remember our grounding with the earth, our connection to ourselves and each other.

Releasing Tension

Through postures and conscious breathing, yoga helps to calm the central nervous system, release tension stored in muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Yoga bring us back into the equilibrium that our bodies crave.

Cultivating Joy

A flowing yoga practice that combines breath and movement promises the cultivation of joy. Joy teaches us to be tender with ourselves, to walk with ease in the world.

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