October 1st 2021 Privacy Policy


We appreciate you being a part of our YMCA community and we strive to safeguard the data and information you’ve placed in our care. This privacy policy outlines how information is collected, secured, and used.

This privacy policy applies to all domains and systems the YMCA uses throughout our operations. This includes but is not limited to; ymcaboston.org, ymcago.org, bostonycamps.org, theymcaway.org as well as all subdomains of the aforementioned.


When you visit our website we collect a variety of non-personal information and usage data including the web browser, device, public IP address, page views, clicks as well as search terms used to find and explore our website.

We collect and store information that you provide to us in connection with the use of the services we provide as an organization. This includes name, date of birth, contact information, email and various billing and payment information.

Periodically the YMCA will perform surveys and data collections to help ensure quality delivery of services. These data collections may include identifiers that connect back to your profile.

We use web tracking technologies such as Google Analytics to monitor our website activity. These services use cookies or similar tracking technologies to track activity or store pieces of non-personal information. We may use session cookies, or temporary cookies, on our websites to help authenticate users and prevent fraudulent access of user profiles. We may use functonality cookies on our websites to allow us to remember settings or preferences you select. This provides you with a more personalized experience on our website and avoids having to reenter your preferences on every visit to our websites.


Anonymous web data is used to help us understand how the layout of our website and digital presence can better deliver and communicate the services we provide.

Your profile information is used to help us understand the demographics we serve and how we might further provide services to yourself, your family and your community at large.

We may contact you through email, phone or other electronic communication about services you have expressed interest in by providing us with your information. Survey data is used to modify and audit the services we provide to ensure high-quality delivery. Occasionally we may reach out to you for more information related to a survey to help resolve issues or challenges related to our services.

Occasionally we may contact you or your family with offers or promotions for services that we offer based on your history with similar services. We may also contact you regarding our fund-raising efforts. To opt out of these communications please use the unsubscribe link present in the communication. Please note that we will still contact you about services or billing that are currently active based on your profile information.


The YMCA will never sell your data or information.

The YMCA of Greater Boston (‘YMCA’) will provide your information to the YMCA of the USA (‘YUSA’) as part of our nationwide membership system and for use in understanding how YUSA and partner Ys can continue to serve those in their various geographic areas.

We may also engage the services of a partner company for the purposes of data and demographic analysis or enhanced data collection. This information is governed with the same strictness as data under our care.

Additional information is also shared with various local and state agencies in compliance with local laws, ordinances, and programmatic requirements. Data and information may be shared with law enforcement agencies as part of an active investigation. Profile and demographic information are not shared with law enforcement except by warrant or subpoena.


The YMCA employs a variety of tools and practices in the securing of your data and information including:

  • Employee multifactor authentication
  • Employee training and auditing
  • Job function-based access restrictions
  • Regular system backups
  • Sensitive data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Various third-party auditing and monitoring of our systems

We also work with a variety of partners to ensure we are up to date on the latest threats and mitigations.


Our mailing address is:

YMCA of Greater Boston

ATTN: Vice President of Marketing and Communications
316 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA  02115

You can contact us by phone at 617-927-8060. Ask for the office of the Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

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