Total Body Barre CLASSES

Beginner Barre Fusion

In this class I will show you some common Barre Fusion terminology and exercises to provide a great foundation for building on this format. By understanding the foundations, you should be able to build your strength, increase or decrease difficulty and continuously build core strength, balance, and overall functional muscle control.

Barre Abs

Our center is the core of our being. We will focus on all that makes us stable and strong during a series of abdominal and core strengthening movements

Barre Arms

In this class we are really going to target toning and elongating the muscles in your arms and abdominal area. By using light weights and your own body weight we will be focusing on increased overall strength, agility, stamina, and long lean muscle building.

Barre Ball Sculpt

In this class we will be utilizing specific movements with added equipment like a barre ball and a chair to really target small supporting muscles and focus on great Barre form.

Total Body Barre

This is our full Barre Fusion class, putting together all the elements we have been working on in this series. Expect a great full body workout with targeted exercises for legs, arms, abs and back.

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