Lower Body Burn CLASSES

Total Lower Body

Get strong, toned legs by adding dumbbells to you leg movements. This interval format workout focuses on resistance as well as good calorie burn!

Hamstring & Glutes Workout

Don’t neglect the hams! This workout targets the glutes and hamstrings to give your lower body balance and strength.

Bodyweight Legs

This fast paced, 30-minute class is a complete lower body workout. A sequence of timed movements will take you from quads and hamstrings to glutes and calves.

Inner & Outer Thigh Workout

This mostly on the mat workout targets those hard to work inner and outer thigh muscles. With minimal rest you’ll feel great in just 20 minutes.

Mini Band Workout

Mini bands are the lightest, most cost-effective workout tool that you can use anywhere! Finish this series with this 15-minute complete lower body class focuses on keeping constant tension on your legs throughout every movement

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